Thursday, 1 November 2012

Welcome to The Brushroll

Hello, Welcome, and Hi. ‘The Brushroll’ is my new painting blog, the plan is to write about painting. I will be focusing on painting & drawing techniques, materials and other related issues although I suspect the odd unrelated post may creep in.

My Brushroll
I will be Delving into my 12 years of experience working as the painting technician on the Fine Art course at the University of Gloucestershire, my thirty or so years as an artist as well as my evergrowing collection of painting books. I hope to organise some of my thoughts, ideas and recipes about painting in all its various forms. I may also invite the odd guest blogger to give different insight in to the world of picture construction. I am happy to take suggestions of articles to include so, please comment often!

Inside my Brushroll

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  1. Hello Dan! Looking forward to learning some great tips here. I can see that it will be an awesome site already. Love your work mate.